Wow. So he *can* act.

Watched the series premiere of “Night Stalker” tonight, starring Stuart Townsend, and although I love the movie Queen of the Damned in a it’s-bad-but-it’s-fun kind of way, Stuart Townsend sure isn’t up there on my “decent actor” list. I was afraid to watch this new series. But I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that the guy can act when he gets decent directing. Oh, the show wasn’t anything thrilling or new or particularly interesting, lol, but it’s something to watch now and then.

And I missed tonight’s Alias season premiere. ARGH. I. Will. Download. Tomorrow. (No one has it up yet–I checked.)

In other fun tv news, FARSCAPE IS IN SYNDICATION, starting this Saturday! WOOHOO! *does happy dance*

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