A fool and her money are soon parted

Ah, the ways companies will think up to part us from our money. November, already a DVD-heavy month with the first season of Atlantis and the 8th season of SG-1 coming out (the 4th season of Alias comes out at the end of October), is now going to be even heavier—of course, gearing up for xmas—because they are releasing the entire series of Sex and the City in a box set. The problem is that each season of SATC isn’t that expensive, so collecting them isn’t that difficult (you can get them new at Target for about $30 each). But this new box set is supposed to sell for $300! I’ve got all the seasons on DVD already, but I’m sure the new set will include enough stuff to make this die-hard fan want to own it. But I’ll be damned if I’ll pay that much…by first part of next year it should be offered used on Amazon for a nice discount. I mean, really…$300! As if! The entire series of Buffy–all SEVEN seasons!–will be available for $129 on Amazon.

Another interesting DVD announcement is that the first half of Battlestar Galactica’s second season will be out in December. This won’t be annoying IF they release the *second half* of season 2 next year…but what I’m afraid of is that they will release the *entire* second season, thus making the first half-set pointless. And if they do release the season in two parts, that messes up the boxes on the shelf! *sigh* Why doesn’t anyone realize keeping consistent packaging in a DVD series is a *good* thing?! (*cough*HarryPotter*cough*)

Other good upcoming releases: the complete Aeon Flux series and the complete Buffy series (can’t WAIT for this!) .

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