Even better the second time

Just finished rewatching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries…wow. I’d gotten so into season one & two that I’d really forgotten a *LOT* of the mini; for example, I’d forgotten that Roslin had to make the choice to leave many civilian ships behind in order to save as many as possible, which of course paralleled the military’s similar difficult decisions. I’d not paid any mind to the chief, but this time I certainly did–Tyrol’s just a great character. Funny how unlikely characters really end up standing out and making an impact later on! One thing I do remember about the mini when I first saw it was that I wasn’t really bowled over by it…but rewatching it now after seeing season season one and half of season two really puts it all into perspective–and gives it more punch. The first episode of season one, “33,” is what won me over to the show, but I can now appreciate the mini as the intro to the series. You can see characters/personalities forming, relationships starting…so much. Certain lines hit home, such as Roslin’s one about “making babies” and Adama’s one about not being able to just live but needing something to live *for*. This story really speaks to me…I’m so fully invested in the characters and the story and I’m going to be biting nails waiting for the resumption of season two. Gah.

And I can’t wait to do more Starbuck costuming! Now, if only I had friends who could build me a Viper…where’s the chief when you need him? ;-)

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  1. i have my toolbox ready, now how big do you want this viper?
    and most importantly, where will you park it when it’s done?

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    It’s gotta be regulation size, of course! Ready to blast those toaster bastards outta tha sky! Bwahaha… And I’ll just park it in the back yard. Privacy fence’ll keep it secret. Heh.

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