Happy birthday to me! :-D

Yep, today is my birthday! Yay! I’m gonna make sure I enjoy it and have a good time. Haven’t decided yet if I should go take myself to see 2-3 movies I want to see, or if I should lounge around here doing nothing but watching DVDs and DVD commentaries and drinking coffee (and later, spiked coffee ;-) ) and perhaps taking a long bath…in general, do some puttering…hmmm! Decisions, decisions. I like this. :-D Later on, I’m going to go by my favorite local restaurant for my bday dinner (as promised by a certain waiter who shall not be named, hehe), then off to some local bars for drinks & dancing & whatever.

Tomorrow is another celebration…after the Tampa fitness show look out–the Savage girls are gonna take Floyd’s by storm! I’ve never been to Floyd’s…lol…but it’s at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino and apparently stays open until 6 am…so it should be quite a night when the Savage girls come to party! :-D

The partying continues next weekend when I’m in Boston! I can’t wait to see the city again, go to Salem again, and wreak havoc each night out on the town. Right, GD? Bwahahaha….

I’ve gotten some lovely pressies & emails & cards so far, and just got another present: rumor has it that Battlestar Galactica has been given the green light for a third season! Woohoo! :-D Ok, not that I’m *that* surprised…lol…but nice to hear about it today. ;-)

Hmmm…perhaps a bit of Bailey’s in my coffee right now and a day of BSG…

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