It’s about time!

Found this on Sci-Fi Wire this morning (yes, it *is* painful to be up this early) (edit: I just realized I don’t have the blog set to show the time of posts. So I will tell you that I wrote the post at 5:30 am. Ouch.):

The Walt Disney Company and Apple Computer announced a plan to offer next-day downloads of episodes from the hit ABC television series Desperate Housewives and Lost, Reuters reported. The move comes in conjunction with the announcement of Apple’s new video playing iPod and a new partnership between the two companies.

New episodes will be available commercial-free for $1.99 each the day after they air on the network. An archive of previous episodes will be available immediately. Also available for download will be the new fall drama Night Stalker.

Yaaay! And *finally*! I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for someone to offer this kind of service. I know I’m very willing to pay for episodes of shows I love when I can’t catch them on tv, and my schedule is such that I ususally don’t catch shows when they air. I then have to hunt for them online, hope it’s a watchable copy, blah blah blah. I’d much rather pay $2 for a commercial-free, pristine copy. Now we just need Sci Fi Channel and NBC to get in on the deal…

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