Boston musings

Last weekend was in Boston. Loved it! I just really like that city. Went up to visit good friend GD (and to scope it out as a possible place to live). If I can get some teaching jobs up there…I’ll move next year! It would be great fun to spend a year or two there (ok, yes, we’d have to see if I’d make it through the Boston winter, lol…) I’d love to not have to drive and I’d love being able to visit Salem whenever the mood strikes. ;-)

It was a wonderful trip despite a few problems (such as missing getting my luggage checked in on the flight to Boston by ONE FRAKKING MINUTE, due to slow shuttle bus, thus requiring me to have to pay to get onto a later flight…oh yeah, that was loads of fun). I had more frakking delicious food than I’ve had in a long time; not sure what stars were in alignment to bless my taste buds so, lol. The Au Bon Pain in Logan Airport had this drop-dead-delicious baked chicken sandwich, and I had “sea salt and malt vinegar” chips with it…*swoon*. Saturday night we ate at the Irish pub Solas, and their chicken curry stew again about had me on the floor in the throes of bliss, hehe. Sunday we ate at the Kinsale, an Irish pub that I’d been to during my last visit, and their clam chowder is perhaps the best I’ve ever had—even better than Leverock’s here in FL! And that’s saying something. ;-) I also had fun hanging out in Starbucks across from Berklee School of Music, and amid all the intellectual music-talk I *really* enjoyed the Maple Macchiatto they had (not sure if they offer it down here; it might be a New England thing) and also splurged on a cookie…damn awesome cookie it was, too. Heh.

Diet/eating plan? What diet? I was on vacation! And did enough walking—and running after trains—to effectively work it all off. ;-) Especially the fun that was going in to meet GD at her job one day…I was to get off at a particular T stop, but an announcement comes over the intercom to say the train was going to pass my stop (and a few others) and go to the end of the line. I had *no* idea why or where that end stop would put me, but I said ah hell, let’s see where I end up, lol! Luckily I ended up at a place I recognized, and was able to make my way up Boylston and get to where I needed to be. Lots of extra walking—in wind that could almost knock you over!—but it was fun, and a great way to see more of the city.

It was great to go back to Salem, even though it was pouring rain almost the entire day. I really wish I had more time to explore it and see everything. Other fun included the “successful” night GD and I had at a goth club (success, of course, being measured in how many interesting characters one meets in said goth club, to wit: man in latex bodysuit, foot-massage-obsessed guy, cute I-don’t-dance-but-can-stand-here guy, cute I-love-your-outfit guy. I will explain none of these; use your imagination. Hehehe.), shopping at Virgin Megastore, seeing Serenity (LOVED it!!), other various shopping (thanks to sore feet, I splurged & bought a new pair of the *cutest* Sketchers I’ve ever seen, and my feet are still thanking me), general hanging-out and enjoying the cool weather and sights of the city.

The trip was too short, of course. Can’t wait to go back!

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  1. greendragon says:

    Your trip was indeed too short – come back!! ‘Twas great to have the chance to hang out with you, as ever… :D

  2. greendragon says:

    And I’ll report back on further news with ‘I-don’t-dance-but-I-can-stand-here-guy’… teehee

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