*Insert every curse word imaginable*

fuckfuckfuck. Song Airlines is being closed down. Delta says it’s going to integrate the planes into their regular fleet, but what I read is that they will take away the extra leg room (they are putting first-class service back on the planes), they will make the fares as expensive as others, and generally make the service crappy. While the silly songs that Song used to give out emergency instructions were annoying, I’ll take that with my roomy seats & cheap fares anyday. But as usual, if something works, they have to take it away. And I know that Delta is in Chapter 11, but somehow I think that cutting out what seems to be a very popular part of their offerings is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Ugh.

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  1. greendragon says:

    ARGH!!! No more Song?!?! I mean, I HATED their safety announcements but I LOVED their prices! Alas and alack the day… :(

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