Oooh yeah, I’m jazzed…Claudia Black might become a regular cast member on SG-1 for 2006’s season 10! This tidbit found on Gateworld:

[Amanda] Tapping reportedly told fans that she spoke to SG-1 executive producer Robert Cooper after learning about the show’s renewal, and about the fact that each of her co-stars had been approached about returning for Season Ten. Actress Claudia Black (“Vala Mal Doran”) has also been approached about signing on, she said.

Yes, this would make the show more “Farscape”-like because of Ben being on it too…but in all honesty, Black’s character, Vala, gave SG-1 a much-needed breath of fresh air. Her episodes so far this season were the most fun to watch. I feel sorry for Amanda Tapping because when she came back to the show and Black’s character left, the episodes were just too stale, too stagnant, too boring. It’s not Amanda’s fault; her character (Samantha Carter) has just been written too stiffly, IMO, and put up against Vala…Vala is just so much more fun to watch. There are lots of die-hard SG-1 fans out there who are doubtlessly in agony over news of Vala coming back permanently and what that means for Samantha, but I think that the show will be much, much better with Vala around–I think that she’s one reason the show got it’s 10th season green-lighted. Ratings were high for Vala eps and lower for the others, which speaks volumes. Right now the word is that Tapping will be on SG-1 and Atlantis, but nothing has been signed by anyone.

Whatever happens to Samantha, here’s hoping that Vala comes back to stay. ;-)

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