Lots of goodies lately. First off, I really like Madonna’s new single, “Hung Up,” and I can’t wait for the new cd that comes out on the 15th. I’ve always loved her music (I’m one of the ones who really likes the album “American Life!”) and her style and I think she’s awesome for doing things her own damn way and looking as good as she does at her age—and I recently found out that age is 47!! I had no idea she was that “old” and I admire her even more for still going at it. You go, girl!

Yesterday she performed on the MTV Europe music awards, and here are a couple of images:

The woman knows how to do her own style…I love the purple boots! She’s always been such a trend-setter.

She just looks awesome! I want to look this good when I’m almost 50!

I grabbed the pics from the wonderful site Madonnalicious. I will also shamelessly admit to being a member of the Madonna fan club, hehe…hell, when she next goes on tour, which hopefully will be next year, I *WILL* be there, with *GOOD* seats! She’s the only person I’ve not seen in concert that I still want to see. She’s always been something of a role model for me, and knowing that she’s 47…man, that still surprises me, lol. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since the “Borderline” days…

And speaking of fav 80s bands, hehe, my favorite hunks Duran Duran have put out a new DVD from their tour last year. I am picking one up today…will let you know how it is. Will it be spectacular and fabulous? ABSOLUTELY! (Teehee, GD!)

Other purchases include the Sex and the City book, _Kiss and Tell_ and a silver Playboy rabbit charm a la Carrie from SATC.

(Yes, I am such a fangirl. So sue me. It’s fun!)

I’ve also recently splurged on a fabulous pair of silver platform club boots! I will post pics when I get them. I have a feeling I’ll wear them out and be known as the “chick in the silver boots,” lol. These don’t have the killer heel on them that my patent fetish boots have, so I’ll actually be able to wear them for more than an hour. ;-)

Ok, time to stop blogging about mindless stuff and get back to writing! My NaNo weekly goal awaits!

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  1. greendragon says:

    OK I have to play devil’s advocate here and say blah, I thought she looked AWFUL!! OK, I didn’t actually see the performance, but I saw pics online this morning and my immediate thought was, ‘Who the hell is that…? Oh god, it’s Madonna – looking like a ridiculous old harridan…’ :D

    Yeah I’m not a fan. BUT I will say that I do admire her energy and she is brilliant at showmanship (or showwomanship!) so I’m sure her performance was really good. Now, if she could actually sing and didn’t look like such a bag of old bones….

    Er… as you would say, so sue me?!?! ;)

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    i daresay you’ll not think she looks a harridan when you’re “my age!” (Teeheehee!)

    And all I gotta say is that if THAT is what an old bag o’bones looks like, then SIGN ME UP! I will embrace middle age gladly! LOL!

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