OMG! Noooooo!

As I recover from laughing my ass off, I have to share this. I’ve blogged before about being a fan of The Girls Next Door, the show about Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. Yeah yeah yeah, so sue me. ;-) Anyway, after tonight’s episode, I did a search on the Virgin Megastore site to see if they offer any GND tshirts for sale yet. And to my horror…what comes up but a link to…PLAYBOY’S WOMEN OF WAL-MART!!!


*clutches sides, wipes tears from eyes*

Hell, shit-mart treats their women so horribly that I guess more power to ’em for earning extra cash as they can. I’m just shocked that Playboy would find women worth photographing there…*ahem.*

*ROFL again*

Run away! Run away! Aaaaiiiieeeee……………..

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  1. ive seen this on some forum. the one girl someone posted looked like a friend from HS….ehhhhh….o_O

  2. Deja Vu looks pretty interesting. Kilmer and Denzel are some of my favorite actors.

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