As you can tell from the new pic I posted, I’ve changed my hair color again! No more black or auburn…it’s time for blonde! I’d considered going blonde many times over the past few years, but for one reason or another I never did it. When I had my hair bleached last summer to get the black out, I’d considered staying blonde then…but chickened out. Yet after this hellish semester, the day after Thanksgiving I was ready for a change. My hair needed a color update anyway, and a good cut, so I went to the salon & said, “bleach it!” The lady took one look at my already-colored-a-million-times hair and said NO WAY. She was afraid another bleach job would melt my hair away. So we talked, I insisted, and she said she would only do “heavy highlights.” So believe it or not, that’s what she did–it doesn’t look it from the pic. It came out looking really good, with several shades of blonde visible in my hair. My hair isn’t as white-blonde as it looks in the pic; that was taken outside, and the sun made it look lighter. She gave me a great cut, too, and I’m really happy with it. It was a jolt at first, lol, but now I love it.

I do have to give final credit to Bridget of The Girls Next Door for giving me the courage to finally go for the color…as much as I’d thought about it, I’d worried about it far too much (as GD can attest to–haha). And for someone who dyes her hair a lot, it was pretty stupid of me to have been so hesitant to try blonde. When I started watching the show, and saw that Bridget had a Master’s and was still “girly” and it was “ok”…of course she might come off as a bit airheaded on the show, but her happiness & confidence in going for what she wants really hit home. I loved her hair, too, so said fuck it—I want hair like that. It’s time to go wild. :-) So thanks for the push, Bridget!

Here’s another pic of the new color:

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  1. greendragon says:

    Hey, there ARE some other blondes out there who manage not to be airheads, y’know…!! ;) Love the photo – the hair looks GREAT!

  2. another from moi-you look like Sharon when when she was younger

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