Via The Unofficial BSG Blog, iTunes will offer Sci-Fi’s behind-the-scenes BSG special for download—FREE—today. More’n two weeks earlier than when it’ll air on the station! Yippee! *goes to download*

I really like the idea of tv-on-demand; I love that many shows are being offered online. I’d rather pay a couple of bucks for an ad-free copy that I can watch when I want to rather than try to catch stuff on tv (for example, I’m curious to see the new show Commander in Chief, but I’ve never been able to catch an eppy on air).

Of course, now I’ll start coveting the new video iPods…which I can get an academic discount on…and they aren’t *that* expensive…ah, sweet temptation…

UPDATE AT 9:20 LATER THAT NIGHT: [begin rant] Never download video from iTunes. Until they can offer video that ACTUALLY WORKS CORRECTLY, I’ll keep downloading stuff “elsewhere.” Why pay for shit that doesn’t work?! [end rant]

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