Gratitude, part 1

One thing I am grateful for in ’05: finding Cathy and becoming a “Savage girl” (I swear I’m going to finally compete in ’06—really, I am!). I’ve gotten great information, training, advice, and best of all, DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT from her. She really helps everyone think that they can realize their dreams, no matter what they are. The power of positive thinking…it works! It’s not just coincidence that Savage girls are, as a group, incredibly successful in their various endeavors. The most recent example: Savage girl Monifa just won the TNT Dramatic Auditions (click link to see her as a finalist–the site isn’t updated yet that she won) after a nation-wide search! I met her & chatted with her a bunch at Cathy’s fitness camp last summer, and she’s really cool. I *love* hearing about things like this happening to people I know because it helps underscore how important positivism really is. And as a person who can much, much too easily be negative all the time (as roomie and GD roll their eyes as they think of my eternally half-empty glass!), I try to soak in all the positive examples I can.

Monifa gets an apartment in LA for a year (rent-free), a car, an agent, an acting coach, and moolah! WOOHOO!! Ok, yeah, I’m totally jealous because *I* want to move to LA, hehe. ;-) But way to go Monifa! She’s an awesome gal and deserves it all.

And many, many thanks to Cathy for inspiring us all to reach for our dreams! Ok, guess that means it’s time to go work out…hehehe…

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