New crack!

I’ve recently found two new tv shows that I enjoy watching. The first is BONES, David Boreanaz’s new show. I can often tell within the first few minutes of a show or movie if I’m going to like it or hate it, and I knew within a few minutes of the pilot episode of BONES that I liked it. I love forensic-type shows, but I can’t get into CSI because to me, it comes across as trying to explain things in a juvenille way. Not sure if that makes sense, but the show just never clicked for me. But BONES clicked instantly! Perhaps it’s the Scully/Mulder-ish relationship of the two leads. Perhaps it’s how the character of Temperance, aka “Bones,” is damn smart and not afraid to say it—and she can kick ass when needed and often shoot better than Booth. The eps I’ve seen so far show good writing, good direction, good production values (except for the too-fake-looking shots of characters in cars; it’s bad enough to annoy me, but since that’s the only real problem I have with the show, I can let it slide). I find the premise of the show fascinating: how they can have a decomposed corpse/just bones and figure out how the person died. Nothing new, but the way this show packages it has me interested. I hope it stays around for awhile. Oh yeah—the main title music is done by The Chemical Brothers. Always a cool thing!

The other show I’m enjoying is one I’m almost ashamed to admit I watch, hehe. But hell—I’m a huge fan of THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR, so I guess me liking Pam Anderson’s new show STACKED isn’t that far of a stretch. ;-) I found it in a strange way…the past couple of weeks I’ve been surfing the internet for new ideas for hair. I’m wanting to change my hairstyle, to find something that really plays up my new color. So I’d found styles I liked, and eventually saw pics of Pam Anderson’s hair that I liked. Ok, go ahead and laugh…yeah, she’s quite a cliche, but she often has really pretty hair. The pics I’d found were recent and from her new show, STACKED. Since it’s about a former “party girl” who goes to work in a bookstore, I just had to see it. So I downloaded some eps, and I’ve actually been enjoying them! The show is pure silliness, but fun silliness. And I am really on a enjoy-life-be-silly kick lately, so it fits.

Once Sci Fi Friday starts up again this Friday, I’ll have lots of coaxial crack to help keep me sane this semester. Between work and writing and training (Cathy is starting to whip my butt into shape for a June show), I’ll welcome all the vapidness I can find to give my brain a break. ;-)

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