Changes…but what else is new?

I think I’ve been inspired to redo this site again. Hell, what else is new? ;-) Not sure if I’ll do a new design or just recycle an old one. Won’t do it until next week, as I’m out of town this weekend.

Not much else I’m in the mood to blog about. The summer job is going along fine, although I honesty wish it could keep going on past the summer. I’m just not in the mood to start teaching again. I’m enjoying just going to work, doing my thing, and coming home. It’s a nice change. Also, I love working with adults, and having adults to talk to! It’s amazing how lonely adjuncting can be. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had colleagues around, but driving from campus to campus, with no office and no time to get to know my colleagues, is draining. Also, I tend to have a more…bawdy?…sense of humor, and you can’t really go there when talking to a bunch of teachers (at least not the ones I’ve met so far). Bah. So I love this summer job even more because it’s a fun group of people and stories we’re working with are *so* damn hilarious. They’re even full of sexual reference—modern sexual reference, since many words have changed meaning since these stories were written—which makes reading them even more gut-busting (I’ll post some next week to give an example).

Ok, must prepare to hit the road…I’m Atlanta-bound!

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