Bitching about SG-1’s cancellation

I now have to take some time to bitch about Sci-Fi channel’s latest stellar decision to cancel SG-1—after hyping the 200th ep, after hyping how long the show’s been on the air, after hyping all the plans to further the franchise. I am just continuously amazed that the sci-fi channel can be as bad as it is. Seriously. They are owned by NBC, so why can’t they throw money at good programming? Why are the Star Treks not on Sci-Fi? Reruns of Farscape, Firefly, Lexx, Doctor Who, MS3TK, etc etc etc? Why are the weekend movies not stuff like Blade Runner or Hackers or The Fifth Element or 2001: A Space Odyssey or Dune or…etc etc etc? Why does the network axe good stuff like Farscape and SG-1 (and while SG-1 might not be stellar all the time, it’s dependable and has a large, loyal fan base) while churning out shitty movie after shitty movie? It’s like they are actively trying to turn people away from the genre. I know most people are generally too stupid to live, but I have to ask—who decides something like “Mansquito” is a good idea while getting rid of shows that lots of people *love*? They claim it’s about numbers…viewers…but how can anyone think shite like “Mansquito” could get more viewers than Stargate or Farscape or Firefly? Seriously…who’s the jackass who doesn’t do actual demographic research and thinks sci-fi fans don’t know the difference between good & bad tv? From my experience, sci-fi fans tend to be the most descrimiating…the hardest to please. If the Sci-fi channel wants to make money, seems that if they offered kick-ass sci-fi programming, they’d get tons more viewers. No one watches the channel now because there is rarely shit worth watching (BSG, Eureka, and Atlantis are about all that’s left). The good reruns and movies are all on other channels.

I’d really like to know what the real reasons are for why the network does what it does…and I desperately wish someone would start a real sci-fi channel, one that plays all the good series & shows all the movies, old and new. Something that never plays wrestling (WTF is *that* about!!!) or shitty movies or reruns of Law & Order–and I like Law & Order, but it just doesn’t belong on the Sci-Fi channel.

Anyone have any spare millions? lol…

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  1. Without further research we can either assume Sci-Fi is being run by children of thalidomide, inbred chimpanzees, or by people who supersized a can of lead paint when they were a child. They’ll probably bring the series back when sales of the DVD box sets skyrocket a la Family Guy. I haven’t had much time to watch the tube lately, so I’m first hearing about it’s cancellation from here an I’m thoroughly disappointed.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Hahaha–you are SO right!! Lead paint goes to the head, of course. Yeah, the announcement came on the heels of all the hype for the 200th ep…which makes no sense…it is incredibly, incredibly assinine how that channel is run!

  3. Don’t forget Dr Who…can’t blame the British for cheap effects…at least they’re trying

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