Dita and MAC!

Woot—Dita is going to be one of the spokespeople for MAC’s Viva Glam 6 line this fall! Viva Glam is MAC’s line of lipsticks & lipglass where they donate 100% of the cost to their AIDS fund. I love Dita, I love MAC, and I think it’s great she’s getting more exposure.

It sucks that I didn’t get to see her a couple weeks ago, as she cancelled her Tampa appearance, but I have a theory as to why she did…the guy running the party she was to perform at is first-rate scum, and she probably found out and said hell no, I’m not performing at his party. The woman is going places, and she wouldn’t want to smudge her reputation by dealing with the bottom-feeding trash that was putting on the party. (And I’m being kind by calling him these names. If you saw him, you’d agree with me. Trust me.)

Can’t wait to see the colors of Viva Glam 6. Here’s a pic of the promo:

Dita in Viva Glam 6 ad

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  1. Did you ask this poor guy to throw your bachelorette party or something? You seem to forget all men are scum.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Hahaha–well, lots of them are, yes, but not nearly like this guy. Just–ew. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see Dita, but happy not to have had to give any money to this guy’s “company” or whatever it is. Bleeech!

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