Cinema therapy

I am sublimating my fatigue-inspired desires to go postal by watching DVDs and going to the cinema, lol. Wish I could go rollerblading, but there just isn’t time right now. *sigh*. Recently reconnected with an old figure skating friend (hilarious story: we work together, became friends, didn’t recognize each other until one day somehow skating came up…and bam! We were both like, “Heeeey, now I know why you look familiar!” We must have both fallen a bit too often…), and I’ll be dragged out onto the ice again soon. THAT should be hilarious; I’ve not ice skated in years, so I hope no one asks for, say, a sit spin. You can imagine what that might end up looking like… (a sat spin? Ass spin?)

Rewatching Alias while at work as I can; I just loved the first two seasons of that. Just saw that The Descent is coming out on DVD next week. Hope the DVD puts the correct ending on the film, though; the US release really screwed it up. Also ordered season 1 of Acapulco H.E.A.T….yep, I did. I admit it. Lame as the show was, haha, it was still campy fun. Used to love watching it at 2 a.m. back in the early 90s. Great thing about campy stuff is that it’s super cheap as a used set on Amazon. ;-)

Saw The Holiday recently. Fun feel-good movie; a few flaws (examples: pacing off in a few places, Diaz overacts too much for my tastes), but enjoyable. Looking forward to The Good Shepherd and Pan’s Labrynth, among others. Hey OB…remember the days of long-distance duo movie-reviewing? Heh…

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  1. Saw The Descent last night – advanced copy courtesy of a friend who works for a video store. I have no idea what the ‘real’ ending is, but this ending left me feeling very dissatisfied. The rest of the movie scared the bejeezus out of me, which rocked. :)

    I love comparing movie viewing notes!

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Ivy–the real ending is on YouTube! Definitely go see it…it’ll really make the movie! The ending for the US was so shitty…I agree that it really was dissatisfying, and it didn’t need to be…

  3. Please advise when this skating outing is taking place, as I would like to be there with my new camera. Do you remember when you competed and forgot to take off your black gloves?!?!?!?

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