Upgraded to WordPress 2.1, and so far so good. I liked this design offered in the WordPress themes site, so I figured I’d use it for now. Tomorrow (er, later today?) I’ll get the other things back on my site and tweak this design’s CSS.

I’ll also be refocusing the site a bit. I want to chronicle the adventures I have begun to do and will be doing in 2007. :-) These include learning to cook (from scratch/gourmet), learning French, adventuring (hiking, kayaking, learning rock climbing). So far my cooking trials have been incredibly tasty, and I’m eagerly trying more. I’ve got a hike planned within the next month, as well as going to the local climbing gym to see Just How Hard it really is. By this time next year I’ll post pics taken from the side of a big wall in Yosemite. Half Dome, perhaps?

Er, ok, maybe not (ever)…but at least I’ll be able to whip up a mean potato & leek soup or Cuban roast pork, and I’ll get some great manatee pics kayaking the Weeki Watchee river.

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