WHY can a bank yank money out of your account when you pay for something faster than you can blink, but when you are owed money back for something, it takes many days and sometimes weeks? WTF?! Someone please explain this to me.

I’m not talking about the bank itself owing me money (Goddess forbid), I mean the bank processing a transaction that puts money back into my account. The bank isn’t making money by not giving me my money, and they are not losing it either…so why the hell can’t money get put back immediately? My rental car went back Saturday, and the guy told me the deposit I had to pay should be back in my account by Monday—now mind you, this is not an amount actually “paid” to Enterprise, it was money they “set aside,” or whatever they do, to cover additional expenses you might incur. So when they “release” it, it should be back in your account within a business day. But so far, no money, and my bank was open Saturday. Now someone might say, that’s not a business day…but if I buy something on Saturday, the money damn sure comes *out*. So why in the hell can’t it go back in? Let the clock begin ticking as to when I’ll get it. Of course, I very much need that money this week, so I don’t have the luxury of not caring when the bank decides to give me my money back.

This is just so frustrating and ridiculous. There is no, absolutely no, reason why money should take longer to be returned. Especially in this “electronic age.”

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  1. I find your naivete positively charming, my dear. It’s part of the system — keep the money for another day, and you get the interest from it.

    Say it with me:

    You can’t win, child;
    You can’t break even;
    And you can’t get out of the game.

    And remember, Michael Jackson said this as he was being pecked by freaky crows, which tends to focus one’s mind considerably.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Yeah yeah, I know, I know. *SIGH*. Well, at least I’ve beaten them at *one* game…I do not have, and have not had for years, any credit cards. So there. *sticks out tongue at system*

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