Men in Trees!

I’ve forgotten to update this site since I got my car back. Yep, FINALLY got my car back, last Monday. Her front end is all shiny and new, so it was worth the wait. Total bill was outrageous…thank the Goddess for full-coverage insurance! ;-)

Last week or so I discovered a new fav show: Men in Trees! I just love it. It’s sort of Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure—it’s even got Anthony from SATC in it (well, a couple of guest spots as the owner of the local hair “emporium,” lol). I’d never really seen Anne Heche in much, and had never really been that impressed by what little I did see, but I like her in this. Her character, Marin, is likable despite her quirks, which is the point of the character, so I think Heche is hitting it spot-on, lol. But I love Patrick & Annie, Buzz & Mai, Patrick’s mom (and her “sad machine” hehe), Jane & “Plow guy,” and the rest as much, or more, than Marin…it’s really a great cast of “characters.” There’s some wonderful writing in the show, both comedic and the more serious life observations Marin makes. Just good stuff all around.

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