Yay, the week is over!

This was a hellish week, thanks to some insanely childish political bullshit going on at work. The only good thing to come of it so far is that I’ve discovered that I work for some great people who “have my back,” as it were. That is a wonderful feeling.

As far as cooking goes, a couple of days ago I made lemon risotto, which came out fabulously, and a pot of vegetable soup that I am still eating. I took pictures of both ventures, and I will post them as soon as I can wrangle my camera into submission and force it to give up its pictures to the computer (not sure why it seems to be on strike at the moment).

I am also happily reading a book on French wines as I learn about “real” wine, lol. I picked up two different bottles of Côtes du Rhône last weekend, and even my wine-naive palate could tell a difference from the “lesser” wines I’d bought at the local supermarché (heh). I will try a few more then move to Côtes du Rhône Village. I’m going to take it slowly and become familiar with one region at a time.

Recent cookbook acquisitions include Cooking at Home on Rue Tatin, Paris Boulangerie-Patisserie, and Risotto. The problem is that I want to try almost every recipe in them all—not to mention recipes in French Women Don’t Get Fat and The Olive Farm, the former recently read and the latter in progress—and there are only so many hours to devote to culinary experiments. I’ve found that during the week I rarely have the desire to do much cooking, so that means the experimenting happens on weekends. Too many recipes, so little time…

Now, what to cook today? Perhaps I should just start blindly opening books and pointing…

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  1. Lemon risotto is divine, isn’t it!
    I think you could just “point and cook” with those books. I have a couple of Susan Hermann Loomis’ cookbooks and all the recipes are great.

  2. Lemon risotto sounds lovely! With all the risottos I make (out of the ‘Risotto’ book) I haven’t tried that one. I found preserved lemons today, hmmm.

  3. Cyberdelia says:

    When I made the lemon risotto, I thought well, this isn’t much lemon…will it even be tasted? Whoa, yes! Didn’t take much to get a big burst of lemon. Not that that was bad…I’ll just do a bit less next time, lol…live and learn and zest with caution, haha!

    That Risotto book is hard to flip through because I want to make everything, now…I have to pace myself, lol.

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