Happy weekend to me

So glad it’s the weekend! Picked up two differnet bottles of Côtes du Rhône-Villages yesterday, and can’t decide which to try first. I suppose there are worse decisions to make. Also got ingredients to make a nice big pot of potato and leek soup, and am going to experiment with a couple of new recipes. Got a lovely fresh loaf of olive and rosemary bread, too…last night it was heavenly dipped in olive oil.

Also picked up the current issue of Wine Spectator—hell, if I’m going to become a wine snob one day, might as well read the literature—and there is an article on the foie gras “battle.” Haven’t read it yet, but seeing it recalled a recent conversation…GD, I can’t believe I agreed to try it, lol! Sometimes “gourmet” food is just too difficult to…swallow (heh, had to say it!). Reminds me of when I read about some gourmet dish that is a tiny sparrow-like bird, that is cooked whole and eaten in one bite…ergh. Let’s just say “no way ever” and leave it at that, haha. While I understand that tastes are regional, that what we find acceptable to eat is socialized into us, there are some things I simply don’t want to acclimate to.

But the lovely cool weather we are having this weekend? Now *that* is something to get used to. :-)

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  1. greendragon says:

    Ha ha – yes you DID say you would try it!! : ) I have a banana all ready – one small bite of banana for me, one taste of foie gras for you! Just try not to think about geese being force fed to expand their livers to an uncomfortable size…

    Yeah ok it is gross. But delicious. But gross… : S

  2. That tiny bird is an ortolan and it’s a songbird. The French have eaten them almost to extinction here.
    You’re supposed to cover your head when you eat them….I know why I would but I don’t know the official version.
    Your wine and bread sound lovely!

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