Excuses, excuses

Now I have a reason to buy the blue Le Creuset ramequins to go with my other cobalt items and my soon-to-be-acquired small Le Creuset pot (or to be precise, French oven)…I want to make this recipe. Seems I’ll have to get a gratin dish, too, which is perfect timing as I’d found two gratin recipes last night I want to try soon. Heh.

I agree with Clotilde on the recipe page…any reason to use ramequins is a good thing. I’ve already got a set of olive-green ones, and I use them constantly, although they are a bit smaller than the Le Creuset ones, hence the “need” for a new set.

Ah, justification for more cookware…

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  1. More cookware never needs justifying…well, almost never.
    But never ramekins, they’re small and so usuable.
    I though TJMax was a clothing store…I’m a little out of the loop

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