Holy frak

Finally, finally I am caught up on my Battlestar viewing, and am set for tonight’s season 3 finale. I’d been six episodes behind…how horrible to admit for a die-hard fan like me! :-) But all is well now.

Well, not well in the BSG universe, of course. I have to say that “Dirty Hands” (ep 3.16) is one of my all-time favorite episodes of the entire series—one of the very, very best. Near-perfect everything, in my humble opinion: writing, acting, direction, production values. The events of “Maelstrom” (3.17) were VERY interesting, and I’m curious as to what the repercussions will be, as I don’t think that person is gone. I found “Crossroads, Part 1” (3.19) to be intriguing and surprising—the guy playing Baltar’s lawyer is damn good—and there was an interesting bomb dropped as well as hints toward…something. Who knows what Moore’s got up his sleeve. I’ve now got theories as to who the “final 5” are, and I hope they show us tonight, although they probably won’t. Moore will probably save something that meaty for season 4, ep 1…in January of ’08. What a long year it’s going to be.

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