“I’m not dead”

…to quote a Pink song, lol. Taking a wee break from work to post, since I can’t seem to remember to do it in the evenings. ;-) Dunno why I haven’t posted…just been working, writing, working out, and watching new shows. Thanks to G, I started watching Dancing with the Stars again, and I must say I’m impressed by Ian Ziering! The jive he did a couple of weeks ago was wonderful. I’m rooting for him to win. G also talked me into watching the Dixie Chicks documentary “Shut Up and Sing,” and that blew me away…while I don’t care for country music, I love how they stood by what the singer said, and when the morons of the country music world tried to bury them, they rose up even higher than they’d been. Can’t keep good women—or the truth—down! :-)

And I have to admit…I finally watched Desperate Housewives…and I like it. *ducks tomatoes* Decided to try it last Sunday night, while waiting for The Girls Next Door to come on, and I was laughing almost the entire time. It was really well done. So the next day I watched the pilot episode and got hooked. It’s definitely not what I thought it would be! It’s a dark comedy, that’s for sure. But it’s also an interesting critique of so much of modern life…I can’t wait to see what happens by the end of the first season, let alone catching up to the current episodes in season 3.

Cooking-wise, it’s been pretty low-key, except for last Sunday, when I made a lovely ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and deviled eggs. Simple but incredibly delicious, and we very much enjoyed it, despite realizing at the last minute that I didn’t have honey to make the ham’s glaze. So I called my mother, asking for alternate suggestions, and she gave me many…none of which I had on hand. So she finally asked if I had the jar of homemade grape jelly she’d made me…and I did! So I used that. Let me say that it made one of the tastiest glazes I’ve ever had on ham! I’ll definitely use it again—on purpose!—next time I bake a ham. With the leftovers, I’m making deviled ham (recipe from this month’s Food & Wine) and then bean soup, using the ham bone. Mmmm.

Ok, back to work for me…a deadline approacheth!

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  1. Yeah, we’re hooked on Desperate Houswives, too. I love dark humor….
    I use to make a BBQ sauce with grape jelly and cocktail sauce. If you think about it, it’s just sugar and grape juice…one could say unfermented wine

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Oh, that sauce sounds yummy! And when you mentioned unfermented wine…reminded me of a time years ago when my mother tried to make homemade wine. She opened a bottle too early, I think it was, and the resultant explosion covered the ceiling in dripping grape juice…and I ran into the room to see my mother standing in the middle of the mess, drenched and dying of laughter. Still makes me chuckle to remember!

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