Samhain fun—July-style!

So went into my local Michael’s Crafts today with roomie, looking for a few things, and we immediately saw a small, cute Halloween display near the door. Roomie and I said, uh, HALLOWEEN? Already?!? Then we looked more closely at the little bottles on the display labeled with all kinds of cute witchy things…and got excited, and promptly went hunting for the rest of the Halloween stuff. We found an aisle stuffed with tabletop houses complete with moving bits, lights, and sound (yeah, that aisle was a bit discordant, but it was great!)…I saw three that are on my “want” list: a great creepy movie house one and one that reminds me of ruins in Glastonbury (no pic online :( ), and a witch’s circle by Stonehenge-like stones! I had a hard time not emptying my bank account on those houses.

Then we got to the painted signs and jars…I bought four signs (only four, heh) including one that says “Black Hat Society” with a black witch’s hat and a reversible one that on one side says, “The Witch is In and Casting Spells” and the other side says, “The Witch is Out Being Wicked.” Hehehe!

Let the Samhain season begin! (I say as I wipe off sweat while lounging in front of an air conditioner while people are still lighting their 4th fireworks off outside.) To celebrate, roomie and I are watching the original version of The Fog while drinking bunnytinis. This damn movie STILL freaks me out! *shudders while gulping down drinks to prepare*

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  1. *cues creepy music* oooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeoooooooooooo!

  2. HOW MUCH!?!?!?!?! LOVE THEM!

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