Garden bits

Ok, here is the promised picture of my new herb garden:

[And this is an attempt to use pics from my brand-spanking-new integration of Gallery 2 into WordPress; the WPG2 plugin has its own way of doing things, so let’s see if/how it works]:


[Oy. Too small. I don’t want a thumbnail, I want the full image, WPG2! And I want it centered! Wait…the new bed is small and bare, so maybe I do prefer to keep it small for now. But this just won’t do for other images…gotta insert new image classes to the CSS…grr…*pulls out tools, prepares to go in*]

The wee garden looks so…wee (if you click the image, it’ll go to the full-size one in the gallery)! Couple of notes—the mint will always stay in that pot so as to not overtake the bed, and its pot covers up the remains of a metal pole that once supported a chain-link fence. Double duty! The parsley will get planted eventually. I’ll be adding a few more herbs this weekend, and then will sit back and let the magic of life do its thing…fill in the bed.

*snaps fingers*

*looks at bed*

Why isn’t it full yet?

Jk. ;-) I know it’ll take time, especially since the roots have to make their home in the mud/sand that is the soil, lol. But the toads have already moved in, so I take that as a good sign. I’ll try to get pics of them in it tonight.

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  1. Just something to mention…make sure you change your wishlist if you buy the stuff….your birthday is coming up soon, and I will not be held responsible if I get you something that you already bought…

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Duly noted, haha, but *soon*? No way. My birthday is AGES away… ;-)

  3. Love it all–your plants look super wonderful: will go back to the blog from the man from England with the cats; the pics of you and the “herd” is so great: your pool looks sooooo inviting – so as soon as I can save some $$$$ I’m coming and jump right in!!!! Love the recipe for that soup. O yes – that pic of the toad is priceless!!! If this is anything like your novel, you really have a winner!

  4. It’s close enough…I have already started buying b-day presents for those in Sept and October!

  5. Cyberdelia says:

    Heidi: Oh geez! You’re too organized, haha! I have to come visit soon to give you YOUR bday present! LOL! And go to Michael’s…the Halloween stuff is on SALE! Woohoo! Can’t wait ’til HHN!!

    Mom: Haha, no, this is not like my book. But glad you liked the other stuff! The pool is great except during the day—then it’s just too damn warm!

    roomie: blog saw! LOLOL!!!

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