Teach your children: Higher education is nothing more than a money scam. Avoid it at all costs. Get a real education out in the world by traveling, reading books, living your life.

And by all means, avoid student loans at all costs. Pay for school with credit cards, then if things go badly you can at least declare bankruptcy as a last resort! The gov’t loan system is configured in an unbelievable-just-how-f*cked-up-it-is kind of way, a way they *never* disclose until you come up against it long after you’ve realized the schooling process was not even remotely worth its price. (“What do you mean, I have THIRTY TWO loans? I only had one! What do you mean, EVERY DISPERSEMENT WAS A SEPARATE LOAN with its own interest rate and penalties?”). The mess I’m trying to straighten out has me so baffled and so furious that if you hear a big explosion in the northern Tampa Bay area, it’s just my head.

I’m so angry I can’t even rant about how unjust this is when government cronies get away with billions of debt and politicians give themselves raises. *insert string of curses and rants here*

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  1. Yikes! I can’t even imagine trying to straighten out anything with most government agencies!
    Curse and rant away… them pour something strong and go contemplate your garden….

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