The garden, she is a-growin’

The other night roomie and I both made parts of dinner, and I made risotto with some fresh parsley from the garden and she used fresh rosemary on the chicken. Her green pepper plant has finally produced a pepper (it really does get too hot here in summer for much to grow), and I’m going to use it to attempt to recreate this amazing giant-lima-bean salad that I get at Wild Oats (when I successfully recreate it, I’ll post the recipe). The jalepeno plant is doing better in its new spot, so well that in a couple of days we’re going to have a bowl full of jalepenos. Not sure yet what to make with them, but it’ll be fun experimenting. The basil is growing so quickly that it’s about time to harvest a bunch, and you know what they say…when life hands you tons of basil, make pesto. Heh. ;-)

The orange butterfly is visiting daily now, and a small toad has taken up residence in my thyme plant. I’ll try to get decent pics. ;-)

We’re having an overcast day, which is nice in that I can get outside a bit earlier today without roasting. There are ferns to divide and replant, new beds to create, a yard to en-garden…bwahaha.

Er, not that I’d completely envelop roomie’s yard with plants. Of course not. I have to leave room for the pool and the firepit, you see…

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  1. You know, when you just sort of toss it out there that you’ve made risotto, you make me want to try it. Got any good recipes?? :)

  2. It takes careful planning…but it will all fit!
    Parsley risotto, good idea!

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