Mmm, mmm, good

I love L.A., and at some point, I plan to live out there. Yeah, there’s smog and earthquakes, but I don’t care (heck, to me it’s just like where I grew up, only bigger and with better shopping). L.A. has Hollywood, Sunset Strip, mountains, Trashy Lingerie…and Sprinkles.

“Pint-sized” gourmet goodness…*licks screen*

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  1. I hated LA. I had two holidays to the US of A in the 90s, each composed of a week doing the tourist thang and then a week with friends. The first one was in Florida (with the late Enid Hoffman) who lived near Odessa, and I had a great time and made a bunch of friends. The second was in LA (with Jay, then an information broker for Warner Bros). Southern Ca struck me as being really phony compared with Florida – the people seemed much more materialistic and shallow, although I know that’s a sweeping generalisation. Three days, and – bam! – I was in a car driving north. The Bay wasn’t too bad, and it was nice getting out of the heat and all, but still – give me Florida any day!

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    You’re kidding. Odessa? You came to Odessa on purpose? That’s where I grew up! It’s a place no one has heard of unless they lived there, lol! Well, now it’s been consumed by all the urban sprawl and is merely a suburb of Tampa…but wow, that’s hilarious. Where in Odessa, specifically?

    Yes, L.A. can be shallow, but that’s ok. ;-) That’s part of its “charm.” Heh. It wouldn’t be Hollywood without the snobbery, lol. Then again, I love Hollywood Blvd with all its cheesy tourist shops and the bums hanging out on the walk of fame…hahaha. But I have odd tastes.

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