Pump it up

So one of the perks of my (sorta)new(ish) job is that there is a workout room in the building. I have finally decided to take advantage of it this week. Five o’clock comes and all I have to do is change clothes then walk down the hall and workout. Only one other guy uses it (although 3-4 of the men are down there playing ping-pong), so it’s certainly not crowded. I’d been losing my desire to workout at home, and I don’t want to join a gym right now, so this is the perfect setup—and hey, it’s free! Woot!

I still plan to start working again with Cathy Savage; the new competition season is gearing up, and I still want to do a show eventually. And hey—there’s Megacon in March, and a gal’s gotta prepare to rock the new costumes she’s planning. Heh. ;-)

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  1. I always had a work out room in the building… Thank God, I never would have done it otherwise. Now I have my own in the garage…not as much fun, but, hey, no one’s looking so I can do pretty much anything. And the dogs like to help with the sit-ups!

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