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Finally weeded my herb garden, and I must say, it was doing quite well under the “extra” growth. Has anyone ever done that on purpose? Let a bed “go to weed,” so to speak, to let the “wanted” plants establish? Seems a bit odd, but it seems to have worked.

Tonight I made a new recipe I got from Food & Wine: Asian chicken noodle soup. I didn’t have soba noodles and just used organic flax whole wheat ones. It was delicious; I will definitely make it again, but next time with the right noodles.

Funny aside: As I am writing this, I turned on my crush’s show—Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. And he’s in Shanghai, talking about noodle soup and looking for the best noodles. Heh.

I am loving TV this fall. So far, I am happily watching Chuck, Heroes, No Reservations, Bionic Woman, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Reaper, Moonlight, Stargate Atlantis, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Desperate Housewives. Starting soon are Pushing Daisies, Women’s Murder Club, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Supernatural. (And of course Battlestar and Lost, but those don’t come back until January.) Thank the gods for DVRs and downloading, haha.

Curling up with a glass of wine, a bowl of delicious noodle soup, and fun TV…aaaah, that’s just the thing. ;-)

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  1. I can’t wait until we get some new shows…I’m so sick of Law and Order reruns… I hope we get some of the new ones… I could use a change.

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