Happy birthday to me—OCTOBER 7th!!

[I posted this at 12:15 on OCT 7th, which is my birthday, but for some reason WordPress refuses to change the timestamp. Grrrrrrr!]

It is true…I am another year old. *cheers*

Food: Check! Lots of yummy TGIFriday’s-junk-appetizer “food”…eggrolls (hehe) and cheese sticks and jalepeno poppers and buffalo chicken poppers…mmmmm!
Drinks: Check! Bunnytinis, of course!
Dessert: Check! Hostess cupcakes w/candle, in a TRANSFORMERS-themed box! I got a pic to post later. ;-)
Pressies: Check! Roomie wrapped ‘em in TRANSFORMERS paper! woohoo!!!, plus I have my mom’s pressies and GD’s pressies to open tomorrow, and a fabulous BSG pressie from Eggroll to look for in the mail, and the last part of Heidi’s pressie—also BSG—to look for in the mail too. :-)
Entertainment: Saw 1, then Corpse Bride (it IS October, yanno).

Aaah, fun “food,” fun presents, and fun movies. That’s the ticket!

Update: Roomie got me some candles and TRANSFORMERS toys! WOOHOO!!!!

(Yes. I am a grown woman in her 30s who loves action figures. Lemmelone. *goes back to transforming her Bumblebee into a car and back into a robot*)

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  1. Who says only boys can have toys?!?!?
    Probably boys, they always wanna hog the fun!
    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, old friend. Look what geezers we’ve become. :-)

  3. greendragon says:

    hope you had a great day! And hope you liked the pressies… : ) Wish we could have had bunnytinis together m’dear! Here’s to you!

  4. Cyberdelia says:

    Katie—Hear, hear!! And thank you! :-)

    OB—Speak for yourself, old man. ;-) I just turned 21. Heh…

    GD—The pressies rocked! :-) And bunnytinis will be had soon! :-)

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