Still alive, promise

Not sure why I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging, besides the fact that I tend to spend my online time with TCF and chatting w/friends via messenger…bad blogger! So, let’s see what I can dish about…

…Totally agree with the WGA writer’s strike. Go writers!
…I’m going to miss Big Bang Theory, Chuck, and Life when they are invariably affected by the strike. But it’s a worthy cause.
…No further major progress on my book, although ideas are churning in my head. For me, writing is a completely organic process, one I have yet to learn to control. But at some point I’ll be hitting up all the people who said they want to read bits of it…and you all better tell me you love it. ;-)
…No luck yet getting or trying truffle oil in my cooking. Will try this weekend. I’ve also found a sublime-sounding cheese souffle recipe.
…Work is going amazingly well. I’m frakking busy the entire day but it’s a good busy, and my new boss is all I could ask for.
…I’m having some con-blues lately; I miss my con buds and wish it was time to see everyone again.
…It’s finally cool in Florida, and I love it.
…I’m still wishing that someone would gift me with a huge plasma or LCD tv. Hasn’t happened yet. Le sigh. ;-)

See? Not a whole lot to blog about. I’ll try to ramble aimlessly more often, though…

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