Bon appetit

Tonight I tried a cheese souffle for the first time. I used a recipe out of Food & Wine, and while it was fairly simple, I realized as I was cooking that there are techniques I perhaps should have read up on before jumping in with guns blazing. Heh, ah well…the souffles turned out ok—they tasted better than they looked, haha. I looked up souffle-making in the Joy of Cooking after I was done (because yeah, I do things in a “back-assward” way, as my mom says). Lots of things to consider in the art of souffle-making. I guess I just have to keep trying over and over and over…

And in a day of recipe-reading and menu planning for the week, I decided to finally pick up Ratatouille. Loved it!

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  1. Directions/instructions always make more sense after the fact!

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