Of truffles and change

So, I finally got my hands on some truffle oil! I first went to The Fresh Market, which I hadn’t been to in ages, and I have to say how disappointed I was. Disappointed in the entire store; they seem to carry pretty much the same stuff I can get cheaper at Publix. I expected more organic offerings, but no. And their cheeses? Blah. B.L.A.H. All pre-packaged, tasteless stuff. Ok, maybe not that bad for most people, but they didn’t have any Brie de Meaux, which is sort of my litmus test these days for a decent cheese shop, haha. I will keep making weekly trips to Wild Oats (now Whole Foods). Fresh Market did have a black truffle oil and a white, but it was the kind made with “essence of” truffle, and I said no. Truffles are scarce and pricey, I realize, but if I’m going to spend extra on truffle oil I want the real deal.

Today I made the trip to my favorite food store, Wild Oats, and saw a few things changing as they become Whole Foods. Some prices are higher, some items are no longer available. I really hope the store remains a place I like to shop. I did talk to the cheese gal and said please don’t change your cheese selection, lol…keep carrying the sublime Brie de Meaux! ;-)

I also found truffle oil while there…actual white truffle oil made with real truffles! It even has a bit of white truffle in the bottle, a la a tequila worm, haha. It was pricey…but I’d been planning for this, and it wasn’t as much as I’d budgeted for. When I got home, I opened it and smelled it…heavenly! It smelled almost garlic-y, with other flavors in there that I swear I taste in good brie. I can’t wait to use it, but I’ll use it sparingly—the aroma is very intense, so I can imagine the taste is, too. I’ll try it tomorrow for the first time; tonight I’m doing chicken with leek sauce.

Stomach growling…must go cook…

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  1. “Not much of a cheese shop, is it?”
    “Finest in the district, sir.”
    “Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, please.”
    “Well, it’s so clean!”
    “It’s certainly uncontaminated by cheese!”

  2. Enjoy every drop of it! I use mine sparingly…but often!

  3. I ate truffle for the very first time a month or so ago (well, okay, shavings of truffle) in a rather posh restaurant here in Dorset. I can see what all the fuss is about. The taste is like ceps (boletus edulis) to the power of 10, and I WANT MORE. Shame I’m currently broke…

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