So I want to resurrect some of my old blog layouts, ones I’ve made & loved (“whitewashed,” “apres ski,” “genrechick,” etc). But. They are not coded in current WordPress style, and I find that the idea of taking the hours it will take to convert them makes me sigh with resignation and reach for a martini.

Not quite ready to dive into coding at the moment, but I’m damn sick of this layout. Le sigh. *sips drink*

I’ve also not been inspired to write much lately (I mean my book, although I’ve obviously not blogged a whole helluva lot either). Although this afternoon, a friend wrote up a nice character backstory for an online persona, and reading it—a very good backstory, I might add—made me contemplate mine and start sketching out ideas. Which leads to thinking about my book, which leads to guilt over not having written much in a couple of months, which leads to ideas about how I might get writing again, which leads to…yep. More drinking.

Kidding. I’m only having one, so thinking is far outweighing drinking. Be afraid.

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