Rambling updates

Ah, Saturdays. Love ’em. A day of getting up late, relaxing, puttering, and website fiddling. Probably some writing and movie-watching tossed in, too.

But for a general update…hmmm, what’s been going on?

  • Work has been crazy; there were layoffs, and those of us left must take up the slack. Which means we’re all, ahem, a bit stressed. I love my job, but I’ll love it more when the upcoming deadline passes and things can get back to being done in a “normal” manner (whatever that means).
  • Workouts have been going very well; I’m *finally* seeing progress! Just in time for Camp Savage next weekend. Woot! I’ll be back on Cathy’s stricter plan next month, starting prep for the June show.
  • Cooking has been very utilitarian lately, although the latest Food & Wine has me again lusting to try some new recipes. I’ve got my new heart-shaped Le Creuset French oven to try out, and a mouth-watering boeuf bourguignon to try…but my French oven isn’t really big enough for the full recipe, which is the perfect excuse to make a small batch to try. The recipe also isn’t exactly fitness food…but it also won’t kill my plan, as it’s just beef, wine, veggies & herbs, but I better enjoy it now. Come May it’ll definitely be a no-no until after the show, which of course means I’ll be craving it fiercely then.
  • Beauty-wise, I’ve got the MAC bug in full swing again, and I’m having a hard time not spending each entire paycheck on new makeup. They’ve got several new color lines coming out in the next few months that look fantastic—including one called “Neo Sci Fi!” No matter what, I *will* have that one.
  • Movie watching…I plan to see Cloverfield tomorrow. Can’t wait! I’d also like to see Atonement, but I might wait and catch that on dvd; Fool’s Gold and Mad Money also look like a fun rentals when they come out. Upcoming movies I want to see include Rambo and Wanted! Wanted looks like just my kind of movie—but hey, I love Angelina Jolie in action flicks, lol. It also looks Matrix-esque enough to really pique my curiousity.
  • TV…am loving the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Cashmere Mafia. Please, oh please, studios give the writers what they want & deserve…so they can give us more Chuck, Life, Big Bang Theory, Women’s Murder Club, Men in Trees, Lost, Heroes, and soon more Sarah Connor Chronicles and Cashmere Mafia)! (Am being hopeful that the strike will be over before I’m jonesing any more than usual for my beloved Battlestar Galactica.)
  • Speaking of BSG, got some fun costumes coming along nicely, a couple that will be “debuted” at MegaCon in March.

I suppose that’s it for now…going back to fiddling with the new layout, adding back in some things (including the tigboard!) and whatnot. Have a great Saturday!

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