And again, grrrr

As is obvious, I’m “futsing” with the layout again (yep, that’s a word. Or at least one my mother made up years ago). And again, I’m frustrated beyond belief at the available WordPress themes. Yes yes yes, I know it’s time for me to suck it up and just code one myself from scratch, but dammit, the reason I’m hunting for premade themes is because I don’t have time these days to design & code a site myself. But. By the time I get done fixing what I see as bad in any theme I like, of course I could have coded TWO sites myself. *grumbles*. I’m finding designs that I like (like this one) but they’ll have a few quirks I do *not* like, and trying to fix those quirks is just taking too much damn time. My biggest pet peeve right now is bulleted lists; WHY is it so difficult for people to make nice lists? Why would anyone get rid of bullets in a *bulleted list*? Change the bullets if you don’t like the default dot, but taking out all bullets just looks like crap. And then leaving in bullets in assinine places (in this design, bullets at the side column section headers)? Whywhywhy? *grumbles more* S.I.G.H. I’ve spent more time than I should have hunting in the CSS to change these (and other) things, and so far said things are refusing to change, so I’m off to hunt for a new design. Grrr.

UPDATED: Obviously, I found a new design (if you’re looking at a white background w/swirls & an orange highlight box in the middle, you’re looking at my latest find). It’s not entirely what I want, but it’s much, much better than anything else I’ve found lately. I actually designed a site myself today that I loved, but then trying to get it to play nice with WordPress became a project I just don’t have time for. I’ll keep fiddling with it over the next few days and see if I can get it to work correctly; until then, this one should do just fine.

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