“Hello, lover!”

So of course May is when we get the Sex and the City movie, and as a die-hard fan of the series, of course I can’t wait to see more adventures of Carrie & Co. SATC-themed things are popping up all over the place in anticipation of the movie, and I’m loving it all. Playboy.com is doing a “Sex Tips from Sex and the City complete with Holly & Bridget from The Girls Next Door (another big fav of mine) weighing in on the show, HBO has a gorgeous set of SATC martini glasses, and two new TV shows are trying to use a SATC-like forumla: Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle. Despite its flaws, I love Cashmere Mafia, and because of its flaws, I loathe Lipstick Jungle. But nothing can be the original…even if they make a movie years from now when the SATC gals are the age of the Golden Girls, I’ll pay money to see it. ;-)

And looking very intriguing is the SATC “Girls Night Out” event(s)…I’m keeping my eye on this to find out what it is and where it is.

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