I’ll take Desmond as my constant, thanks

Ah, Lost. So far this season I’m *loving* it again. It’s back to the fascinating, strange, unpredictable show I first fell for. Loved last night’s ep; well, I love Desmond no matter what, but when he’s the tortured romantic hero he just shines. The time-jumping stuff was fascinating, and I’m eager to see where they go with it (what triggered it for Desmond? Why could he not remember his time on the island? How is this connected to his previous time jumps and that freaking weird blast from Season 2? Why was the other guy affected, and so far no one else on the island or boat is? Has Faraday time jumped already, or does he know something about why it happens and he expects it will happen to him?). That Desmond finally reconnected with Penelope was beautiful, and I hope they are able to be together again at some point. I just hope they don’t end up as the skeleton couple found in Season 1…

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