Random Friday silliness

I got home early from work today, as I had to pick up Kramer from the vet & bring him home. I then decided to rearrange my room, and after moving my desk and rearranging its contents, I turn away for a bit then turn back to see this:

Bast and her small spaces
Bast always finds the smallest space to maneuver herself into…

Then, later on after roomie got home, she found a hilarious…toy? Party favor? Conversation piece?…that was from years ago, and decided to break it out for the hell of it:

Sue and her new homie
Anyone wanna offer possible captions?
*cue evil laugh* (leave ’em in the comments, c’mon, do it…rofl!)

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  1. Perhaps I have weak powers of observation, but is she strangling a leprechaun behind an alien balloon?

    Or maybe, umm, she’s just “Strangling The Leprechaun” (if you know what I mean?).

    If I can be serious for a moment, it’s hard to tell from the photo whether she’s blowing or sucking, but either way, she’s hired.

    Was that wrong?


    PS: I hope Kramer is ok.

  2. gary, that WAS wrong and you are evil…
    and i mean that in the nicest way possible. honest.

  3. Cyberdelia says:

    Bwahaha!! That was not wrong, that was hilarious!! Hehehe. And I plead the fifth about the leprechaun. I’ll post a pic later that shows what she was doing. :-D

    Kramer is in a holding pattern…seven pills a day I’ve got to get down him, but if I have to, I have to… :-)

  4. what do you mean a pic that “shows what i was doing”?
    i was hiding from the camera. o_O

  5. Cyberdelia says:

    I say noooothing. The camera says eeeeverything. *maniacal laugh*

  6. Aww… poor Kramer. I hope it’s ok to ask, but what’s wrong with him?

    My cats would not allow me to give them one pill a day, let alone seven, without some serious bloodshed (mine).

    (need a “Hang in there kitty!” jpeg right about here)

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