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I’ve got a few new garden pics to post. I’m very excited that my first echinachea plant, aka coneflower, is going gangbusters this year. It’s fun to see it keep getting taller and to see the beautiful head forming, which will eventually sprout the tell-tale purple petals. I doubt that I’ll ever harvest this plant; first of all, there won’t be enough for anything (besides perhaps one cup of tea), and secondly, I feel like this one’s my baby. I just want to happily watch it grow.

I plan to expand my herb garden a bit so that I can plant more coneflower, more sage, and whatever else I find locally. I’m also eager to try growing some other herbs, ones that good ‘ole Home Depot and its brethren don’t carry, but I’d have to start them from seeds. I’m sure I still can, even in June, and even though it’s a bit late for it; hey, this is Florida. All year is growing season around here. Then again, I’m leaning more toward just doing better planning now for planting next spring.

I also plan to create and cultivate a very witchy herb garden, growing things such as elfwort, motherwort, mugwort, climbing nightshade, belladonna, witch’s broom, moonwort, starwort…or as many of those as I can grow in Florida. I’ve not started really researching them yet, so maybe none of them will be viable in the heat, but I’ll give it a go (and maybe they’ll grow in the fall/winter just fine; hmmm. Will have to research). In this new herb garden I also plan to grow quite a few healing/medicinal herbs as well.

As for pictures I’ve already uploaded, I know I really need to get into the gallery and label them all. ;-)

Found another favorite thing–Elderberry HoneyWine (mead). Delicious, and organic, too! Picked up a bottle yesterday on a whim. I was out of wine, decided to try an organic brand I’d not had, and saw this one. Elderberry *and* mead? Worth a shot! And I was pleasantly surprised. Mead is often too sweet for me, but this one is not; it has just enough sweet to make it a lovely sipping, after-dinner wine, but not so much that you feel like you’ve been drinking sugarwater.

Mmm. Can’t wait to get home and have some more.

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