Full moon energy, and mead

Today, a little over two years since I received my Master-level Reiki attunement, I finally picked up the certificate. The reasons why I waited so long are many and varied, but I think that the fact that I did it on a full moon is telling. ;-) Just needed an extra push to get my butt where it needed to be.

And even more exciting is that tomorrow I will be attuned to Brighid’s Flame Reiki. I won’t go into the details of it here, but as a many-years-now devotee of Brighid I’m pretty excited so I wanted to share. If anyone wants to know more about BFR, please ask & I’ll point you toward more info.

I also plan to crack open a new bottle of elderberry mead tonight. I’d thought to save it until Friday’s solstice ritual—saving it because it was the last bottle in the store & I don’t know when they are getting more in—but hey, tonight’s the full moon and I finally picked up my cert. Both of those are reason enough to open it now. ;-)

(And in case anyone was curious, one does not get drunk, or even tipsy, from elderberry mead. It’s just frakking good.)

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