A few random mumblings

To help me reach all my fitness goals, I’ve joined 300DC.com. And I’m going through a boot-camp sort of workout series for the next three months so that I can then do P90X for the following three months…I WILL finally get that physique I’ve been saying I want for years.

I’m looking forward to fall TV, despite too many rip-offs of older series. I think Fringe has potential, despite its obvious X-Files-ish-ness, and after seeing a couple of the Sanctuary webisodes, I’m looking forward to that show, too. Can’t wait for the return of Chuck, Sarah Connor, and Big Bang Theory, although putting them ALL on at 8 on a Monday is one of those assinine decisions network suits seem to constantly make.

Movie-wise, I recently saw Doomsday and liked it despite it’s ridiculous, over-the-top violence; enjoyed Stargate: Ark of Truth as it neatly wrapped up a storyline, and Stargate: Continuum was better than I’d expected (when Vala appears with the big gun at the beginning…frakking hilarious!).

Will ramble more later…

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