Day 7

Rest day. Woot! But I’ve realized something. When I said this program was kicking my butt, I should have been more specific: it is kicking my arms (shoulders, tri’s, chest) but NOT my butt or my legs. I need to up the intensity of those areas next week (I’m going to ramp up the cardio, too, since I don’t think I’m getting nearly enough on the program). My legs have always been fairly strong, and I’m realizing they need much more work than this program is (so far) giving them…not too much of a problem, since if I start piling on weight to the few squats & lunges the program calls for, I’ll fatigue the gams in no time. :D

Even if I start to feel like this program is too “easy” for me (compared to what I’ve done in the past), I am determinted to stick with it for the full 90 days. I’ll just get creative with how to make it more intense.

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