Aaaah. Ok, that’s better.

Got my quilt PHP all fixed, although I’ve still got some design tweaks to do. But I got my Yule sigtags & pixels page up, and just playing with the lovely graphics puts a smile on my face. :-) I’m going to get my hands on even more pixels this weekend (buying a couple more memberships–love the holiday sales, lol!–and some random tube packs), and then I hope to be able to offer a few cute Yule freebies here myself. I’d love to be making the graphics from scratch, but I just don’t have time. Besides, there are so many wonderful pixel artists doing gorgeous work, and I love supporting them.

I have tomorrow off from work, and silly me said I’d have my car into the shop for her oil change at 10 A.M. What was I thinking? I’ll be up until 2 at least messing with pixels, lol!

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