White Christmas in a whole new way

Last Sunday, I went to see my favorite holiday movie White Christmas at Tampa Theater with my TCF bud Crashdown. Love that place and love the movie! The last time I went there to see it, it was me and about five other older gentlemen; therefore, I was looking forward to another almost-private showing.


Imagine my surprise when I approach and see TWO lines snaking out from the entryway to the street! The word got out, it seems.

The place was not filled, but it was pretty close. Crash & I were able to get good seats anyway (had to sit near the front to be able to see the star-painted ceiling, as it was his first time there). Just before the movie, they put up Christmas carol lyrics on the screen and we all sang along with the organ player. A fun touch! And the best part was that during the movie, people actually laughed at the funny lines, sang along to the songs, and clapped when musical numbers were done! I’ve always watched the movie by myself or with a few friends, never with a large, appreciative audience. It was great! (And Fadi, yes I thought of you during “Sisters.” You should so do that outfit for Halloween sometime.)

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