Well, crap. Mold.

The room I live in in my roommate’s house has a concrete floor; she hadn’t tiled it yet when I moved in. Because at the time I had an older cat who sometimes missed his box, I decided to make cleanup easy by buying a piece of cheap vinyl to put down on top of the concrete that could be thrown away when I moved out. It seemed the perfect solution until today.

I’d noticed a bit of discoloration on the white/black vinyl, but figured it was from walking on it, etc. This morning I pulled a corner of it back just to see, and to my dismay I found mold. Lots and lots of mold. Black, gross mold.


I then realized that this discovery meant that all the discolorations on the vinyl meant mold, which mean that pretty much the entire thing was ruined. This explains my last week’s sneezing bouts…I somehow disturbed the mold unknowingly.

So now the fun begins. I have to move all of my furniture out of the room, carefully (and with a mask) tear up and throw away the vinyl, bleach & scrub the floor, and then tile the room. My roommate has enough tile to do the room, thankfully. It’s just that tiling a room is not something either of us had planned to do this weekend & week, but there’s no way around it.

Neither of us realized, when I decided to put down the vinyl (which is laid on top of the concrete, not glued down), that moisture can seep through the concrete and is then trapped by the vinyl, thereby giving mold a perfect place to grow. Welcome to Florida, where there’s moisture everywhere!

Learn something new every day. Hmph.

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